King of Sweden

För Sverige i tiden

Genre: Fiction/Drama Comedy

A young king in the 1970s, a slip and one illegitimate child. In the controversial film “King of Sweden” we meet Swedish Crown Princess Victoria's unknown sister Tessan, two years her senior. The film is about Tessan who discovers that her dad isn't the person she always thought. Her father happens to be the King of Sweden. And what’s it like for the King to have a newfound daughter from the suburb of Bredäng living the life he always dreamed of?

King of Sweden was Student Academy Award Nominee 2013 in the category best foreign film. The Student Academy Awards is one of the most prestigious student film contests in the world.

Directed by
Produced by
Jonas Westbom
Ronny Fritsche
Sandra Andreis
Christer Fant
Peter Carlberg
Björn Andersson
Carina Jingrot